Dynamat Xtreme is the highest efficiency sound deadening material available and the most effective product for stopping noise and vibration. Xtreme should be used on any and all interior sheet metal or fibreglass of your vehicle. The aluminium constraining layer is very mouldable and conforms easily to all interior surfaces. The extra sticky patented butyl layer is formulated with VECTOR™ chemistry for the most amazing energy conversion capabilities ever. Use it on doors, floors, roofs, hoods and trunks for a really quiet, cool and incredibly solid ride.

Dynamat Extreme door kit

Dynamat Xtreme is a 1.6mm thick, lightweight, elastomeric, butyl & aluminium constrained - layer vibrational dampener. Xtreme conforms
easily & adheres directly to all metal panels & other hard substrates. Use on doors, floors, roofs, hoods & boots for a really quiet, cool & incredibly solid ride. It’s ability to suppress noise, heat, vibration & rattles, makes it ideal for all automotive, marine, mechanical & industrial applications.

Get Better Sound - More Music - More Bass - Less Noise - Less Heat - Less Vibration.


Dynaliner is the perfect ultra lightweight insulator to use on top of Xtreme. This durable crush & tear resistant material has the highest heat blocking properties available, in a single layer synthetic thermo-acoustic foam. Dynaliner isn’t affected by oil & doesn’t absorb water. It provides excellent acoustic isolation & thermal insulation for roofs, firewalls, floors, quarter panels, doors; even engine bays. Install behind trim panels & under carpeting. With Dynaliner, isolate vibrations, reduce noise & block heat.

DynaPad pad

DynaPad is a four-layer composite barrier that provides excellent acoustic attenuation and thermal insulation. This heavier material utilizes "Dissimilar Layer Insulating" technology that solves two of the most difficult automotive problems - exhaust system heat and low frequency noise. DynaPad is used primarily on the floor.


Hoodliner is a thermo-acoustic, water & oil resistant barrier applied inside engine compartments, & placed on to the underhood surface. The specially designed foam & aluminium layers reflect 97% of radiant heat & effectively absorb engine noise. Protect your paint finish, get a quiet car interior, & achieve a show-car look. Apply over Xtreme to maximise noise control.


Dynaplate is a lightweight, pure aluminium dampener, specifically engineered to achieve maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL). Applied directly to metal & other hard substrates, it conforms to & structurally reinforces the body panels, without modifying the appearance of your vehicle’s interior. Reduce vibration & get the most bass possible.


DynaXorb eliminates back-wave speaker distortion & interference. It absorbs, diffuses & attenuates the sonic energy produced by speakers using a polymer material & ‘Faceting’ Technology. Use it behind speakers mounted in doors, & tiled inside subwoofer enclosures. Use over Xtreme for optimum performance.